The Black Crowes – Live at The Fillmore San Francisco

The Black Crowes – Live at The Fillmore San Francisco.  Six concerts from December 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, and 19, 2010. These may be the last six concerts for The Black Crowes.  “Indefinite Hiatus” they call it.  Hmm.

I was asked to turn these mixes around within 24 hours after each show had been expertly recorded by Mike Harrison. This was so the finished live albums could, in turn, be made available to the fans ASAP.  Each show was recorded, mixed and delivered to iTunes spankin’ fresh, still warm from the oven.  It was a group effort. We pulled it off and the results are there on iTunes for the world to consume.  I’m omitting a lot of cool “techie” and logistical shit and heaps of stress in between, but there it is.

I now also have a new respect for a band who’s been on the road, doing it for their fans for decades, giving them what they love, gig after gig.  Professional musicians, doing it the “old fashioned” way, in a business which seems to no longer understand that musicianship and a quality live performance are what it’s all about.  Good luck to The Black Crowes.  I’m sure they know their fans surely appreciated what they got for their buck all of these years.

Here are the links to each show. After all, they make a good six-pack for a thirsty good old boy!

Live at The Fillmore 12/12/10Live at The Fillmore 12/14/10Live at The Fillmore 12/15/10
Live at The Fillmore 12/17/10Live at The Fillmore 12/18/10Live at The Fillmore 12/19/10

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